Marion Co and Buena Vista set Tentative Tax Rates

By Richard Harris

September 27, 2023


 The Marion County Commission and the Buena Vista City Council have each announced their tentative millage (property tax) rates for 2023, which will be officially voted on in meetings set for October 10.
 They both propose slight decreased in their tax rates, but both local governments expect those rates to generate more revenue in 2023 than they did in 2020, due to changes in the tax digest.
 The Marion County Commission is expected to adopt a millage rate of 8.953, which is lower than the 2022 rate of 9.32. However, they project the new rate to bring it slightly more money ($38,749 or 2.61% more).
 The county's total tax digest is now valued at $217,095,247, which is up by approximately $15.7 million from last year. Therefore, the proposed tax rate should bri...

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