Honoring the Fallen and Comforting Families; It's Not About You

By Richard Harris

October 18, 2023
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 Participating in the Georgia Run for the Fallen made a huge impression on me. It's difficult to quickly explain the depth of it to those who haven't experienced it, so I decided to try describing it with the written word. That effort is below. Full disclosure: I used some "artistic license", such as combining two-years' worth of memories, as well as shifting the order of some events around a bit. Quotes are from memory, so not word-for-word. Most of the memories and observations are my own, but I also robbed some from my teammates. The physical challenge described doesn't apply equally to everyone, as we have some amazing runners (beasts, machines) but most of my fellow mere mortals will likely relate. (Photos by Chris Hawkins)
 You're stand...

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