Regional Rural History is in Danger

By Richard Harris

February 14, 2024

The video above is from a Keep Westville in Lumpkin Rally in 2014

 It took just one decade after a decision to relocate Historic Westville from Lumpkin to Columbus for the fears and predictions of area residents against the move to come true. Last week, the Westville Board announced it has permanently closed, in spite of reportedly spending $9.5 million on the relocation.
 Westville originally opened back in 1966 on 80 acres in Lumpkin (Stewart County). It was designed as a mock village representing life in rural Georgia around the 1850 era. The buildings it housed were gathered from inside Stewart County and from nearby counties.
 What will become of the historic buildings? We don't know. The Journal's messages have not been returned.
 The uncertainty is especially troubling to area residents who have special feelings...

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