Tight-Knit Webster Co Class of 2024 Graduates

By Richard Harris

May 22, 2024

 The Webster County School System celebrated the Class of 2024 with a special Graduation Ceremony in the school gym on Saturday, May 11 at 9 am.
 This year's class had 20 members, including seven honor graduates.
 Valedictorian Talia Jones described the class members as "distinctively beautiful people" with many wonderful traits.
 "You all add so much to this world, without even realizing it," she said. "This class has literally every aspect in it, from charisma to extreme kindness to humor."
 She reflected on all of the things they have juggled during their school years, from academics to personal challenges. She noted that they have been there for each other through all circumstances and encouraged her fellow Bobcats to stay true to themselves, no mat...

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