Chattahoochee Co fine tunes proposed budget

By John Pollock

June 5, 2024

 Chattahoochee County officials and residents alike met at 215 McNaughton Street in Cusseta on May 28 for a special work session conducted by the Board of Commission Office. All commissioners were present save Damon Hoyte.
 The session opened with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by Budget Work Session II for the upcoming fiscal year, led by County Manager Thomas Weaver.
 Weaver rediscussed the salary and line-item increases that were requested by various departments in the board's Budget Work Session I held earlier in May. In an effort to balance the county's budget deficit, Weaver suggested several reductions to these proposed amounts.
 The Clerk of Superior Court, Probate Judge, Sheriff's Office, E-911, ambulance, public works, solid waste, and recreation...

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