SPLC Laying Off and Closing Lumpkin Office

By Richard Harris

June 26, 2024

 A small group with a big mission in the little town of Lumpkin is apparently about to be dissolved. Now they're wondering who - if anyone - will step forward to help the virtually helpless locked up inside Stewart Detention Center.
 They deal with complex issues, but their mission is simple - provide legal representation to as many of the detainees as possible. However, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has announced it is pulling the plug on the Southern Immigrant Freedom Initiative (the program that provides pro bono legal representation), closing the Lumpkin office by September 10, and laying off 80 employees - including the small group in Lumpkin.
 Who are the detainees inside the country's largest immigration detention center? They are a very diverse group o...

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